Things to Consider Before Purchasing Women’s Shoes

Shoes are a very crucial part of a woman’s wardrobe- whether or not the dress you wear looks good also depends on the right pair of shoes. So, it is essential to choose shoes carefully by taking vital aspects into consideration.  Purchasing the ideal pair of women’s shoes may be daunting, especially with the huge variety of shoes available in the market. Here are few tips that will help you with your shoe purchase.

Buy the Right Size

This may seem to be an evident factor, but several women feel uncomfortable in their shoes just because they are not aware of what their exact size is. The feet of each woman vary and the generic sizes don’t essentially offer you the right fit. The size 5 from a reputed brand may not be the same size in other local brands. Further, remember that equal importance has to be given to the right width- so look for a pair of shoes with the right width fitting also. Shoes that are of the right size and width can make all the difference in terms of comfort.

Choose Shoes Based on the Season and Occasion

There are different kinds of shoes to suit different season. For instance, a pair of gumboots would be apt for rainy season, while casual shoes will work out well during the winter. So, based on what your needs are at the time of purchasing, choose one that is suitable for the season. The other advantage of seasonal footwear is that it can help you organize your footwear collection better since you can store away shoes that are not needed for the season, thus saving space.

Next, the occasion for which you are planning to purchase can help you narrow down choices. For instance, stilettos are a good choice for a formal event, while court or platform shoes are apt for office-going women. In the same way, a specific kind of shoe would be apt for every occasion.


Though choosing the color of shoes is a wholly personal decision, you should consider things the type of outfits you would be draping over with those shoes and your skin tone. If you are trying to find something that will exceed the fleeting fashions, you can choose the traditional brown or black colors since these are all-time favorites.

Right Balance is Vital

5 Shoes That Every Woman Should Have in Her Shoe Closet

In today’s fashion-oriented world, every woman wants to look trendy and unique from the others. From sleeves to the heels, they want to be up to date. To add on to the fashion, it would be fantastic if one has their favourite type of shoes in all colours.

Let us have a look at those shoes that every woman should have in her closet.

Comfortable Flats

 Flats are ideal for every woman and one should have at least a single pair of flats. They go absolutely beautiful with most of the clothes like jeans, skirts, sundresses and shorts. Few flats, like sandals come in handy as they are quick to slip on if you are in a rush to go somewhere. It can also be used at home, shopping, at the park or while spending time with your kids. If your feet get hurt due to some other shoes, then flats are great choice as they give your feet a break and relief.

Sneaky Sneakers

Sneakers are very comfortable to wear. You can find a huge collection of sneakers in neon and rainbow colours. It is also available with air-pump soles, thick, thin and non-skid soles. Sneaker is apt for casual outfits and it is actually a very essential pair of footwear for every woman.


Boots are mostly identified as a winter shoe, but there are many options from fluffy booties to knee-high leather, flat or heeled boots. It is available in lace-up, zip or strap design. You can also get them in different colours, but most leather boots are available in black, brown, beige, white and grey. Boots are the perfect match with a long-sleeved top with a coat or scarf when the climate gets cooler and it will also go well with jeans. So, they are a must in every woman’s closet.

All-Time Favourite Heels

Heels are all-time favourite for most women. High-heeled shoes can be worn for a variety of occasions and it goes well with all outfits. Depending on your work, it can be worn daily. However, if you are standing for a long time and walking more than usual, heeled shoes are not advisable as it is likely to tire your feet. So, ensure you choose a heel height that does not get you pain throughout the day.

Sports Shoes

The ideal sport shoe depends on the sport you play. Each sporting activity will require a different support. It is not about back support, knee braces or shoulder pads; it is about the support you need for your feet. If you wear the wrong pair of shoes while participating in your desired sport, you will be in discomfort and will end up with injury.

If you desire to work out at the gym or for jogging, you definitely need a good pair of jogging shoes. If you wish to do mountain climbing, snowboarding or cycling, then an athletic shoe is perfect, as this is light to wear and comfortable.

Thus, with just one pair of all the above kinds of footwear, your shoe closet will be complete and the footwear assembled will be ready to use accordingly

Guide to Choose Stylish and Trendy Menswear

If you want to add something classy to your wardrobe, which is filled with basic stocks, check out TDF fashion to add some flair to your look.

Fashion and trends keep changing – be it for women or men; due to the fact that most guys love to wear branded and designer clothing, there is a huge demand for such clothes. The designer wears suit their taste and enhance their personalities as well. Fashion can include anything, ranging from attires and shoes to shades and watches. The accessories can make men look attractive and smart. The designer wears are often a blend of comfort and style, which is appropriate for business world. Fashion isn’t limited to women; men’s world too is growing at faster pace these days.

Properly fitting clothes suit men’s personality, creating positive vibe around; not just teens, even men over 40s want to keep in touch with modern clothes, fashionable dresses, and accessories. The shoes, tie, blazers, and suits are the top selling designer wears.

If you want to buy formal blazer and suits, consider the following points.

The colour of the suit is the main aspect; avoid odd and flashy shades, instead opt for traditional tones, such as black, grey, brown, and blue. You can give extra breath of shade to your dress by wearing a suit. The shirt and tie should also have positive impact on your whole look. If you’ve selected unbiased coloured suit, you can pair it with any shirt, ensuring that the shade has same quality, look and feel. Try avoiding wearing the same colour sports coat and pant. If you’re wearing black coat and pant, the shirt should be in bright colour.

Cotton pants, plain oxford shirts, polo shirts, jackets, crewneck sweaters, hooded shirts, and denim jeans are just few items that should be available in men’s wardrobe. Cargo pants will also be in fashion for many years down the line. Moreover, suits, business purpose clothes, and formal dresses should be in your collection; they go well for special event dinners, office look, and weddings.

If you’re reading a fashion magazine and like some clothes, you can find similar ones in an outlet; you might as well get it for lesser price online.

Irrespective of the clothing you choose, ensure that it fits you properly; no matter how good the suit is or what brand it belongs, if it doesn’t fit your personality, it is an utter waste of money, spending on luxurious clothing. Avoid wearing a cowboy or bow tie, if it doesn’t go with your outfit.

If you wear loose or airy dresses, you may appear unattractive and untidy. Selecting a classy fashion style, perfect fit, and right colour can help you stay updated with ongoing trends.

Shoe Giant Nike Planning to Come Up with Self-Lacing Tech Soon

In the year 2016, Nike, for the first time, had come up with self-lacing sneaker by the name of HyperAdapt 1.0 in the market. In order to continue the trend, the company is planning something advanced this time in terms of technology involvement.

Very soon, the new fall collection is going to be released at selected global retailers. The all new HyperAdapt will be designed with an upper black mesh complimenting red lagoon on the heel tab. And on top of that, it will be equipped with LED lights on the heel and midsole. The technology is so advanced that LED lights will glow when self-lacing system is powered on.

For those who don’t know, Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 was inspired by Marty McFly’s Mag shoes and it was a combination of electrical and mechanical engineering.

So, here comes the good news for all Nike shoe lovers. The company is all set to release its latest hi-tech self-lacing shoes in early October at selected Nike European places, which includes Berlin, Milan and Paris.

There is also a plan that by the end of this year, Nike shoes will be available in the North American market. So, stay connected with us to get updates about this U.S launch.

What are the Best Shoes for Healthy Feet?

Buying right shoes that fit your feet is one of the important investments for healthy feet. Wearing ill-fitted shoes is not only uncomfortable when you walk, but they also affect the skin of your feet.

Picking right shoes would protect your feet from the things on the road that hurt your foot. Right shoes ensure that you have a smooth walk on a hard ground and they lessen the thermal energy when the ground is too hot to walk. It regulates the external environment temperature in extreme conditions.

Dr. Shi states that people often choose shoes that are more stylish rather than choosing the shoes which are a good fit for their feet. This is likely to cause serious issues in the long run. Sometimes, shoes which look stylish from outside do not provide sufficient padding and support at the arch. This leads to feet ache which sometimes becomes a major problem.

When it comes to women, they choose shoes with high heels. Shoes with high heels put more pressure on the small bones in our toes and give rise to hammertoes, bunions and neuromas. They thicken the toe tissues around the toe nerves and cause severe pain. Get best deals on Jabong today, using this Jabong online shopping coupon code

Doctor Shi said that there are three tips that are going to help you decide the best shoe for your feet:

  1. Sole of the shoes must be the primary thing to check. They must support flexibility.
  2. The toe box of the shoe must be large enough for the toes to adjust comfortably inside the shoe.
  3. The cushion of the shoe is another factor for your feet to stay comfortable. If the cushion of the shoe is of poor quality, it hurts when you walk and when you stand.

So, these are a few things you should check if you are going to purchase any shoe in the future.

Red Shoe Is the Only Secret to Kill the Long Boring Fall Style

Time has changed. Gone are the days when celebrities used to always wear black footwear. These days’ actors are more open towards sizzling red shoes. In fact red is the new trend of recent time.

As a drink completes the party, red shoes gives an edge to the style. Many stars of Hollywood have defined the red shoes at an ultimate level.

Red shoes make the whole concept interesting when it comes to a great dressing sense. It adds an extra charm and at the same time reflects a slightly naughty character of a star.

Recently American model cum actress Emily Ratajkowski was spotted on knee-high red boots along with a denim jeans and a peekaboo shirt. Her style was really unmatched.While on the other hand, model Gigi Hadid too was spotted with cropped skinnies and a white tee.

Though red is the new trend, but black is still the favourite for many and it was seen on Sienna Miller very recently. She pulled up a black Gucci loafer on an occasion and showed her style statement in a unique way.

Actress Dakota Johnson was also spotted at the airport following the latest trend, a red suede ankle boot along with an orange a bag. The combination was absolutely perfect and was far away from any shade of grey.

As the red shoes trend is going on, we must say- every woman should own at least two to three pair of sizzling red shoes to rock on the dance floors.

Stay tuned with us to know more about Hollywood celebs and their lifestyles. Keep writing your valuable comments and feedbacks.